5 Tips to Write SEO-Friendly Content

5 Tips to Write SEO-Friendly Content

‘Content is the king’ you might have heard this phrase many times, and now realize it to be true. Because it helps to increase the traffic on the website and more importantly it helps in better the search engine ranking. Today many SEO company in Delhi follow these tips to improve the content and make it SEO-friendly.

So why wait, let’s begin!

  1. Develop Catchy Titles and Subheading:

Titles carry the content, to make the readers read further, it can be possible with titles only. Hence keep it catchy. But to make it SEO-friendly and keep the content organized, just a title won’t make up, you need to make the subheading, which will make the content scanning easy for the readers who just scan. However, the subheadings make the content SEO-friendly.

For instance: you are writing the blog on SEO

Title: SEO complete guide


Subheading (H2): SEO meaning and definition


(H3): SEO Tips


And so on. Remember you plate with H2 and H3, no need to move further, while you can repeat H3 (different title).

  • Conduct Keywords Research:

To make the content strong and Google understand what you are targeting, keywords play an important role. Content should outshine and reach more people, you need to choose strong keywords and use them appropriately in the content. However, there are many ways to conduct keywords research, the best tool for keyword research is a Keyword planner. It also shows you the engagement of the keywords. Also, you can create long-form and short-form keywords for better reach and optimize the search engine ranking.

  • Structured Content:

Now you are ready to write content, but wait! You need to organize it. Write the well-researched content and make a proper start with a keyword in the first 150 words, and end the blog, copy with a conclusion.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Use short paragraphs (with 4-5 sentences or maximum 7-8}
  • Keep the sentence up to 20 words.
  • Try to write content in bulletins
  • Don’t do keyword stuffing
  • Avoid filter content.
  • Keep the content unique (100%)
  • Usages of Images:

Adding the images is a plus to the content, but it should be relatable, and the images should be fluid. Fluid images don’t lose quality, even if you change the dimensions of the image. Use images that are attractive and relatable. Also, giving credits to the images is helpful.

There are many sites like Unsplash, freeimages, that are the source where you will get the images for your blog for free. Make the content creative with images.

  • Optimize URLs and Meta Description:

This is the showcase of your content, you need to make it the best and make it recognizable to Google. Develop the readable URL and let people know where you are driving them to,  next comes the Meta description, which is like a summary (but less in word count), where you need to share what content is about and place a keyword.

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The length of the meta description should be between 150-160 characters (not words). So be creative and use an attractive tone to grab the audience.

Conclusion: You can hire SEO services in Delhi from agencies like Art Attack. However, above are a few tips, to begin with, the SEO-friendly content. Also, keep an eye on the tone, voice of the blog and maintain consistency. These are the few added suggestions for better engagement of readers and search engine ranking too.

Sanchit Mehta

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