10 Essential Tips & Tricks for Home Spa Night

10 Essential Tips & Tricks for Home Spa Night

Having a luxury night with home spa treatment is becoming a need for our life. Pampering your mind and body is possible with a relaxing spa night. Fed up with a hectic and busy schedule?  Try this spa treatment at home at the weekend, you will surely feel relaxed. You can also go for spa treatments at any spa with an online spa booking app, if you are lazy enough to prepare at home. So, as you are doing everything by yourself, you need some help. Therefore, we have rounded up all the essential tips and tricks you should know while having spa night at home in this post. 

Read on.

  1. Play the soft music

Relaxing and enjoyable moments with soft background music relieve the stress and tension. Don’t play hip hop or band music, any soft ringtone works well. No spa is complete without a background soft music. Many tracks are available for relaxing yourself. You can choose according to your likes and dislikes from a range of music options. First and foremost thing to do for spa treatments.

Light candles

Dim lights and candles give a sense of spa treatment. You might agree that we love candles whether it be a dinner date or spa night. Don’t have a shortage of candles around the house for a night like this. The best candles to choose are all natural and lead free. A regular lightening candle can’t feel good, go for special spa lightening candles. 

Get essential oils

Prepare a relaxing bath Salt tub by mixing rose petals, lavender and additionally essential oil. It gives an amazing aroma that makes you sit for long hours in the tub. Essential oil can be any of these- jojoba oil, lavender oil, orange and peppermint oil. Extremely calming and smells delicious. Having some wine, drink or juice to sip while sitting in the bathtub, gives a perfect feel of luxury spa treatment.

Prepare face masks

Prepare a rejuvenating face mask for spa night. Do a complete facial as it relaxes your muscles, and gives signals to the brain. Just have some DIY material in your kitchen. Pick up gram flour, rice flour, honey, sugar and coconut oil. First of all, exfoliate your skin with sugar and tomato. Then make a paste with gram flour, honey and rice flour. Mix it well. Apply this before having a shower or while relaxing in the bathtub.

Have rose water mist

Roses are an essential part as its amazing aroma makes you crazy. Rose petals for the bathtub and rose water mist for refreshing and cooling atmosphere is perfect. Buy the market based rose water mist or make a DIY treatment. Have some rose petals in a spray bottle, and keep it in the refrigerator. Have this at your place to refresh the body and mind on spa night.

Condition your hair

We have talked about skin, body and mind and now comes to the hair as it’s an important role in this spa. Have a wide toothed comb to perfectly distribute the oil or hair mask in your hair. Apply a DIY face mask of yogurt and honey and wear the shower cap, relax in the bathtub. Make sure to use the right hair mask according to your hair type and need. For damaged hair moisturizing hair mask, for dry hair olive oil. 

Have sheet mask

Sheet masks are a new normal trend in Indian market. And it’s really soothing and a perfect choice for a spa night. According to your skin type and need, get your sheet. Moisturizing mask for dry skin, oil absorbent mask for oily skin and so on. Apply this before having the facial and while sipping the drink. Make your spa night perfect with pampering skin deeply.

Relax in a steamy tub

The most enjoyable and relaxing part of a spa is relaxing in a bathtub. Would you like to sit in a cold water tub? No right. Have lukewarm water in the tub for relaxing your tired and stretched body. Hot or lukewarm water relaxes the muscles and relieves muscle tension and pain. Spend the time in the tub as long as you want. Don’t forget to have rose petals and essential oil.

Take shower and moisturize

After completing all the treatment and relaxing sessions. You need to take a shower and make sure to moisturize your skin and body after the bath. After this spa treatment, you will surely get a perfect sleep like a baby. Take a hot or cold shower. The last step to completely relax your body and feel light like a paper.

Feet soak and massage

Don’t forget to pamper your feet. Feet get tired due to walking and standing the whole day. While sitting in the steamy bath tub, your feet get soaked, half of the work is done. Massage and exfoliate your feet to keep them relaxed, relieve pain and improve blood flow. Wow, what a relaxing and pampering session for yourself!

Wrap up

These are important tips and tricks to make your spa night at home memorable and relaxing. Make a beautiful environment and pamper your hair, body, skin, mind and feet as well. Are you ready to experience a relaxing session tonight? 

If you don’t have enough time to do the preparation for the pampering session then another option is available. Book your appointment with any spa with online spa booking app. It’s now become convenient and easy to make online spa appointment. 

Book your slot now and get the luxury spa treatment.


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